Record Your Measurements

Create ballooned inspection prints from PDF, TIF, AutoCAD, CATIA, CREO, Solid Edge and SolidWorks drawing formats, and balloon 3D CATIA Models

MeasurementXpert is an add-on that works with either InspectionXpert for PDF or InspectionXpert OnDemand. Enter your measured values directly inside your InspectionXpert project.  You can enter values for each piece to be inspected or connect digital calipers to your computer with a USB cable or keyboard wedge to enter measurement values automatically.


Highlight your Results

  • As each measured value is entered, InspectionXpert compares the required value with the active value and then highlights the measured value as In Tolerance
  • Out of Tolerance or Marginally Within Tolerance
  • InspectionXpert shades the measurement cell and the dimension in the drawing green, red or yellow, respectively, based on your settings
  • You can even choose a marginal pass percentage to determine what will be considered Marginally Within Tolerance

Export Your Measurements

  • InspectionXpert can export your color-coded drawing to a PDF and you can export your actual measured values to your Inspection Report
  • With your Excel reports you can easily create sophisticated formulas, charts and statistical analysis for enhanced reporting results
  • Results captured with MeasurementXpert can also be published to our integration partners including Net-Inspect and CEBOS MQ-1
  • If your company uses Verisurf software, InspectionXpert can publish a file directly to Verisurf and results from Verisurf can publish directly back into MeasurementXpert
  • MeasurementXpert is available for both InspectionXpert for PDF and InspectionXpert OnDemand

Our Customers

"Without InspectionXpert, we would need at least four more employees to keep up with the current workload. The difference amounts to an annual savings of $120,000 per year based on a $30,000 employee salary!"