VoluMill™ for GibbsCAM

VoluMill for GibbsCAM is an ultra-high performance toolpath (UHPT) option that uses a continuous, high-speed toolpath resulting in an optimized CNC program. These powerful, high-speed, high material removal rate capabilities can help you create the fastest, most efficient toolpath for a wide variety of milling part types in your shop. The process automatically takes into account the best option for milling pockets, including the speed of a tool plunging into the material and material removal rates. Variation in tool load is smoothed, allowing the machine to use much higher speeds and feeds.

VoluMill for GibbsCAM:
• Improves productivity
• Reduces cycle time
• Extends tool life
• Up to 100% stepover with no uncut material
• Safely doubles machine output
• Up to 60% reduction in energy costs
• Fully integrated into the GibbsCAM, with the same look and feel
• No post processor changes required
• Automatic feedrate adjustment